Boogie Nights
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Boogie Nights

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House | ハウス Hausu | dir. Nobuhiko Obayashi | 1977 

Eat better. Run more. Squat more. Sleep earlier. Wake up earlier. Make a good breakfast. Drink water. Eat fruits. Read books. Adventure. Talk less. Listen more. Feel deeper. Love better. Open your eyes. Experience life. Be happy.

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It’s corny. It’s true. Live!

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I did a nude photoshoot last night and hooked up with the photographer…


A great fire burns within me, but no one stops to warm themselves at it, and passers-by only see a wisp of smoke.
Vincent Van Gogh (via psych-facts)
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this is so beautiful!!


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She’s the type of girl that can be so hurt but can still look at you and smile
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I don’t have the prettiest face for you to see, or the skinniest waist for you to hold, but I do have the biggest heart to love you with.
John Green, A Fault in Out Stars (via psych-facts)
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I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me.
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